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Solar Photovoltaic

Electrical energy generation from sunlight is a technology that, although it is well-known some years ago, it has been recently considered as an alternative against another traditional electrical sources as petrol, gas, coat or nuclear. DASO Ing. offers support in two main areas:

Web unplugged installations: Focused on individuals and related companies for this kind of installations. We offer services for:

Installation sizing

Economic viability

Web plugged installations: According to the law 661/2207, dated 25 th May 2007, different conditions for selling electricity to the national electric web are established. This and other previous laws have aid during last years that a growing number of this kind of installations have been built and considered as a financial investment. We offer support for particular investors and companies related in the following areas:

Installation consulting

Profitability studies

Installation project

Installation sizing

Performance simulation under different boundary conditions